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Avoid traffic jams with our real-time traffic maps, including incidents, chain control zones, freeway cameras, and changeable message sign (CMS) icons. System messages alert you of any highway closures or hazardous conditions in the region.

  • Get up-to-date Park and Ride lot information for all of Southern California.
  • Quickly find Bus and Train schedules by city, county, or provider name.
  • Use our carpool lane map to plan your trip.
  • Learn about carpool and vanpool incentives that are available for Riverside and San Bernardino County residents.
  • Call 511 within the Inland Empire and 1-877-MYIE511 toll-free from anywhere.
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General Phone Overview

Dialing 511 in the Inland Empire is your resource for fast access to travel information when you don’t have access to the internet. It is toll-free, but normal charges for minutes used still apply. All you have to do is dial 511 from anywhere within the Inland Empire

511 provides travel information through an Interactive Voice Recognition system that allows you to find what you need by speaking or pressing the buttons on your phone. After you have heard the main menu, simply say “Traffic,” or “Freeway Traffic,” “Metrolink,” “Transit” (for bus services) or “Neighboring 511 Systems” to get started. Remember, everyone speaks a little differently. Speak slowly and say your choice clearly for the best results.

511 Accessibility

Hearing impaired phone users can call 711, the national three-digit number for access to the Telecommunication Relay Services (TRS), to access 511.

Speech-impaired callers can similarly use 711 or can use the back-up, touch-tone system that IE511 offers. To access the touch-tone function, Press zero at each menu to hear the menu options and corresponding touch-tone commands. When you use the touch-tone system, press keys slowly and firmly.

The direct number for IE511 is 1‑877‑MYIE511.

Get Real-Time Updates

Say you’re driving and stuck in traffic — call 511 and say “Traffic” or “Freeway Traffic.” The system will ask you to name your location and direction of travel and it will give you information for your route including travel times and any incidents or sig alerts.

Get Metrolink Information

Say “Metrolink” and you’ll be transferred to Metrolink’s telephone information service. Once you are transferred, you will be out of the 511 system and must redial to get other 511 information.

Get Transit Information

Say “Transit” and you’ll access a menu of transit providers. Say “Riverside” for public bus providers in Riverside County. Say “San Bernardino” for a list of public bus providers within San Bernardino County. Say “Other” and you’ll get a list of other major transit providers operating neighboring public transportation systems.

During business hours, you will be transferred to a live operator that can help you by planning your transit trip. Before or after hours, you will get the message services of each provider. Remember, you can always use to plan a bus/rail trip 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you are transferred, you will be out of the 511 system and must redial to get other 511 information.

Get Rideshare Information

Say “Rideshare” from 6 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday, and you will be transferred to a live operator who can help you start ridesharing. You can get a match for a carpool partner and help starting or joining a vanpool. You can also find out if your employer has a program that will pay you an incentive to try ridesharing. After hours, you can leave a message for a call back.

Once you are transferred, you will be out of the 511 system and must redial to get other 511 information.

Get Help Using the System

We are unable to offer a live operator to help you as a result of budget constraints. We have provided some simple instructions about how to use the system and common trouble shooting tips for phone system users. Just say “Help” if you want this information.


You can interrupt the 511 phone menu any time and ask for the service you want if you already know your selection.

Touch Tone

In noisy situations or for people who prefer to use their keypad, 511’s touch-tone options can be heard at any time by pressing “0.” Click here for a list of touch-tone menu options.

Connect With A Transit Agency

Need public transportation information fast? Call 511, After hearing the Main Menu selections, say “Transit” and choose the county of your choice. You may then select from a menu of transit providers. You will be transferred to the transit operator you choose.