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Additional Rideshare Benefits

While we provide your Core Rideshare Program, there are many easy-to-implement extra features your company can add to boost your benefits. We’ll provide the resources to help you get started. For more information call 1‑866‑RIDESHARE (866-743-3742) or fill out the form on the left.

Flexible Work Schedules:

Often called 3-36, 4-40, or 9-80, employees work longer hours but fewer days over a conventional week. Flexible work schedules can also include varying the hours during the day an employee works. Offering employees flexible schedules increases employee satisfaction, removes trips from peak commute hours as flextime participants arrive earlier and leave later than a conventional 8 am to 5 pm schedule, and takes trips off the road on flex days. Employee satisfaction means employee retention and reduces recruitment and training costs. Twenty-two percent of Southern California commuters say their employers offer flextime.

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Giving employees the opportunity to sometimes work at home is now offered to 12.7% of workers in Southern California. While not suitable for all employees, when telecommuting is offered, those who telecommute do so 4.8 days per month. For every day that an employee telecommutes it takes two trips off the road and produces greater employee satisfaction and productivity. Your company benefits from employee retention, reduced recruitment, and training costs.

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Preferred Parking for Carpools/Vanpools:

As a part of an enhanced Rideshare Program, adding benefits, like preferred parking, contributes to the overall incentive to rideshare. Preferred parking is inexpensive to implement. Signs can be purchased from a variety of sign shops and installed by your facilities manager.

Secure Bicycle Parking, Showers, and/or Lockers:

Bicycle programs with secure bicycle parking and/or lockers contribute to the overall incentive to rideshare. Programs with lots of rideshare options tend to have higher participation rates and thereby contribute to parking cost savings, recruitment benefits, and productivity. There are several sources for purchasing bicycle racks and lockers. Talk to your facilities manager about the possibility of installing a shower in employee locker rooms or restrooms, so bicycle riders can freshen up after their ride to work.

Parking Cash Out:

Any employer that pays for or subsidizes parking can implement Parking Cash Out and save on the cost of employee parking. Parking Cash Out also helps businesses that are short on parking by freeing up spaces and reducing the costs of constructing new parking. When Parking Cash Out is offered, an average of 20% of employees take advantage of it. Parking Cash Out is excludable from gross income up to $250/month. Your payroll manager will be able to help you set up a payment system.

Tax-Reducing Vanpool/Transit Benefits:

Federal and California tax law allows employers to subsidize an employee’s commuting costs up to $230/month for vanpools or public transit. Subsidizing employee commutes with vanpool vouchers and transit passes creates greater employee satisfaction and your employees are more likely to stay with your company which means your company saves on recruitment and training costs. Incentives are paid to employees as a part of the payroll process as an addition to wages after taxes are deducted. Employee contributions are deducted from gross wages before taxes are applied. Your accounting manager will be able to help you set up a system.

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