Conquer Southern California traffic with our mobile app

Avoid traffic jams with our real-time traffic maps, including incidents, chain control zones, freeway cameras, and changeable message sign (CMS) icons. System messages alert you of any highway closures or hazardous conditions in the region.

  • Get up-to-date Park and Ride lot information for all of Southern California.
  • Quickly find Bus and Train schedules by city, county, or provider name.
  • Use our carpool lane map to plan your trip.
  • Learn about carpool and vanpool incentives that are available for Riverside and San Bernardino County residents.
  • Call 511 within the Inland Empire and 1-877-MYIE511 toll-free from anywhere.
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Other 511 Services

Your mobility is important to us. When you leave the Inland Empire, you should know there are other 511 services in neighboring regions. While services offered will vary, all provide some level of travel information. You can also be connected to these systems directly while on the 511 phone system, by selecting in the main menu "5" or saying "other 511."